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Getting Started

Would you like to talk and learn more about SGBA and ABA before starting the intake process? Every family who is interested in services can speak with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to learn about what ABA might look like for their child. Send us an email at: to schedule a call or complete the contact form.



We offer a complimentary insurance verification for families to find out the extent of their benefits for ABA services, including co-pays and deductible amounts. After we collect financial information, we review it with caretakers and provide an estimated monthly cost of services as well as any help we can provide.


***To receive services, you must have a referral from your child's Primary Care Physician.***

Please click Referral Form button below and submit to:

Email: or

Fax: (229) 389-2218

  • The caregiver completes and returns all required documents to SGBA.
  • SGBA processes all paperwork, and submits application to client-specific insurance for assessment authorization - this step can vary in waiting time depending on insurance processing.
  • SGBA will contact the caregiver within 1 business day of receiving assessment authorization in order to schedule the initial assessment for a date within 2 weeks.
  • The BCBA your family will be working with will complete the initial assessment with the child within one or two assessment meetings. Goals and treatment recommendations will be discussed with the family upon completion of the assessment. Caregiver(s) are expected to be involved in both the assessment and treatment process to help clinician set up the most common conditions under which a behavior occurs.
  • The assessment is written into a formal Treatment Plan by the family’s lead BCBA within 5 business days of assessment completion, and it is submitted to client-specific insurance for treatment authorization - this step can vary in waiting time depending on insurance processing.
    • * During this processing time, SGBA will be in touch with the caregiver to discuss scheduling in order to line up services to begin as soon as possible after treatment authorization is obtained.
  • SGBA will contact the caregiver(s) within 1 business day of receiving treatment authorization in order to schedule a definite service start date to commence within 1 week of authorization.
  • We start serving your family!


Intake and Treatment Process Timeline

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