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SGBA Celebrates One Year In Business

One year ago, we decided to take on the commitment and challenge of creating a business focused on heart, compassion, growth, and support of the community we are surrounded by. This vision was nurtured over many tiny whispers and what-ifs for a few years. As we both sat down one day and had a courageous conversation about what values we wish to uphold as we also continue to learn and be mentored in the field, we realized this was something we had to create. “A dream job does not exist. You must create it.”

The values that SGBA hold close:

-being flexible to family’s needs

-being responsive and proactive

-seeing children as humans in need of support and not a checklist of behaviors or deficits

- skill building is our focal point, not blanket compliance

-modeling acceptance, patience, and collaboration

-seeking to do better each day by researching within and outside of our field to continue to expand our therapeutic growth

-collaborating with other professionals serving our families to bolster learned skills quicker

It’s funny to look back a year ago and to visualize us going through the growing pains of learning the ins and outs of running a business, along with shifting our perspective as a company to focus on more learner-centered goals. Many things felt like they were shifting beneath our feet and our families were right there to see these things evolve.

Today, we want to thank those families who have been with us since day one. You all are the reason we stay inspired to do better each day. It has only been one year. However, we can all look back and see how we have grown together to support the incredible tiny humans in our lives. Thank you for trusting us and continuing to do so.

We have some exciting things rolling out this year to support families on our waitlist, CE events to support practitioners, and collaborations with local non-profits to pour resources back into our community. To say we are excited about the years to come is an understatement.

Thank you, families!

Thank you, to our business mentors!

Thank you, to our local professional peers/collaborators (SLPs/OTs)!

Thank you, to our wonderful community!

Thank you,

-South Georgia Behavior Associates

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